Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Who goes to a Jazz Workshop?

Who goes on a Jazz Workshop?

Simply, anyone who plays any instrument, and who would like to learn  or develop their skills and interests in Jazz.

Even if you've just started to play your chosen instrument, the beauty of jazz is you are able to play a jazz tune, or improvise a jazz tune to your level of ability.

The real fun is meeting everyone else of the workshop, and seeing how they play their way.

The tutors on the workshop understand how jazz works, and are able to encourage players to get the best fun out of playing jazz their instruments.

What instruments will you see on a jazz workshop?

Almost any instrument can play jazz, the most popular being

Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar, Flute,Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Double Bass, Drums, Vibes, Hammond Organ, and of course the human voice.

The beauty of a multi day workshop, see Butlers Jazz in Varengeville is that you get time to immerse yourself in jazz and really benefit from being away from other distractions of day to day life!

Don't be afraid of playing in front of others, everyone on the workshop will be supportive and friendly, because they know exactly how you feel, they have been there themselves.

Email me Peter Willson if you would like to know more about Jazz Workshops

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